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The Piano: A Very Short Story

  “That’s a beautiful piano.” “Thanks. Yeah, it doesn’t play, but it really looks nice in that corner. “It doesn’t play? Why do you have it then?” “Oh, just as a conversation piece.” “You mean this conversation?” “Yeah, this one.” … Continue reading

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Decades of Content isolation In his own skin Sometimes He forgets what His eyes look like In the reflection Of champagne flute bottoms He discovers himself Forgetting the only Soft soul Who ever wandered Into his life And wandered out … Continue reading

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Roses – A Very Short Story

I worked as a flower girl at a grocery downtown. I sorted the roses, the lilies, the carnations, and I sorted through the people who ordered bouquets; each person wanting something special, something that would mean something significant to whoever … Continue reading

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This Is Organic Lettuce; A Short Dialogue

This is organic lettuce. It looks like lettuce. Well, you have to compare it to non-organic lettuce. It still looks like lettuce. No, see. We invented these chemicals… Which chemicals? We found new, better ways to grow lettuce. Okay. But, … Continue reading

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