White Orchids, Black Marble



In a crystal ball,
I see us arguing in a minimalist kitchen
White orchids on black marble,
Us, storms of words
Chosen not carefully enough.

I see us dancing downtown
Past patio seating and terraces
Reflections flickering in cars driving by
We clash, clumsy in the grasps and twirls
Laughing like drains, smelling like wine.

I see us selecting our new couch
You, wearing your “serious face”
Me looking for the ugliest seat for sale
We debate prices and delivery times,
Confused about what our aesthetic, together, is.

I see you on the stairs alone,
An angel tired of stepping down from heaven.
Hand on the banister, I say your name,
Say something meaningful
You smile, and repeat it.
Crystal ball future,
I take in my hands like a snow globe
Furiously shaking away fate
Causing one last blizzard
Before the calm.

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