I’m a mnemonic device
Helping you remember
Past, distant love.
I dropped my shoes
And modesty at the front door;
You’d save the best for last,
But I still stepped first in line.
I emerge from beneath surface tensions
A pictorial attack to a balanced system.

There’s no need for¬†oscillators in such a cold room;
Spin me ’round and ’round anyway.
Show me the epiphenomenon
In your guiltless, romantic wandering.

The sky is a heavy responsibility,
I’ve let it down,
My hands arbitrarily whispering
Limping excuses.
I’m speaking the lines to
An apotheosis of the girl asleep in the castle.
The script says this is Henry the Fifth,
Which is strange,
Because I was just trying to write your names in the clouds.

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