One More For The Road

The tears dripping like honey
They baptized me,
Hopeful for rebirth, somehow.

Your whimpers cutting through
The silence.
A storm trembling in your throat
My mind is weightless,
My chest, heavy.
Liquid emotion touching my taste buds.
I dread the inevitable goodbyes.

Your eyes are gray now,
Coordinated with your hair,
Still glittering
With mischievous wonder
At whatever comes your way next.
You’ll sing with me,
Louis Armstrong, getting every word wrong.
I’ll laugh at you,
You laugh at me laughing
And even incorrect lyrics assure me
It is, after all, a wonderful world.

I see you everywhere
But right in front of me.
I hear you, a chorus of love
That clouds my consciousness.
I squeeze my eyelids shut
Because I cannot squeeze your hand.
I’ll sneak a Bud Light past the nurses station
Once more, for old time’s.

When I kissed your cheek twice.
One kiss for goodbye,
One more for the road.

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