My iOS Professionally Pleasures Me and Perhaps I Love Him

I once installed
A flashing, fuchsia background
Dressing up my dull,
Spoiled, millennial soul.
To blind you, surprise you
More than your pastimes of
Spirited verbal warfare against
Limping, comatose, caught opponents.
Freedom from frustrations,
the treachery of
Mountains of inbound emails
More dreadful
Than impending paper avalanches
Of decades gone by.

Severs, systems, providers…
Compatibility is vital,
Used to be more worrisome,
But now we get along perfectly every time.
I thought
I happened to speak your estranged alphabets,
I thought
Every remarkable word was
A face in a crowd throwing roses my way.
You came along,
Readily descending into this
Furious place, madness city
A businessman’s Jesus,
Savior, hang-gliding into looming to-do disasters
Blithely nonchalant
To the weakness eclipsing gifts you
Placed in my grateful, untrained fingers
I touch you repeatedly,
When artifacts of former friendship
Shock me with a gentle buzzing-
As you hold my hand.

The sun is forever out
In your nomadic home,
When my altered morning reaches us
I reach across the sheets,
Claw for you at the edge of my bed,
Tell me how I slept
Before you
Told me how I slept?

So order food with me,
While we eat cold pizza in bed
And examine all the ways
To make spaghetti out of squash,
Until you lead me away,
We will tour our next getaway to Seattle,
Where I will theoretically unwind
Downwind of my worries
While you remain
By my side
A blinking reminder
Of all that is about to be.
We are far away from curbs,
Free from fur-lined collars,
I shake,
My palms wrapped around your cold glow
Passerby’s look past unaware that
I am incognito,
In search of
A singular sound evoked from our tirades
A whisper of commitment to Saturday brunch
A confirmation, a celebration, a expectation
From those who know me as you’ve shaped me
And love me yet,
Love me more,
Though you know me,
So much better.

You will automate my inbox,
Surpassing my vocabulary as I sleep,
Passed out long enough to cook crêpes for the entire city – I know, you told me.
You have the time,
Go ahead without me.
Stabilize my working week,
Taming its definite incline
With an added element of surprise
Carrying us into a resting place
Created from your mind and my
Forever moving will.
We will be secure enough
To sit,
To stretch,
Waiting out the avalanche that
Fooled us into this lot.

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