I Will Clean My Room



I did it-
I finally
Cleaned my room
I read a book,
Perched on the
Edge of a stool,
Listened to old music
Watched home movies,
Made some food.
And soon,
I was soothed.

I was content with the lavender
In my eyes and hair
I counted each of eyelashes
As blessings.
The color of my irises,
And the decades reflecting off them,
Exhaling sound and motion and breath.

But now,
The buzz
Is wearing off the
Buzz is wearing and my
Eyes are back to
Blue and black
My skin is the touch
Of rice that
I don’t eat
Any longer
And I recall that
Still I am
A bore,
And molded
And moulding
Moss on a gravestone
I am the stone,
I am the fungus,
Though I can cleanse and clarify
My thoughts and recollections
I am buried.
I am here.
And finally
I am going,
I am ready to,
I will clean my room.

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