Less Taken


imageThese days are long
These nights are trying
While I’m living
I know I’m dying
It’s the future I’m defying
As I walk
On and on

My soles are breaking
From this walking
I’m scared, I’m shaking
Boots a’knocking
Steps like clockwork
Ticking, tocking
On and on,
On and on

The steps I’m taking resonate
I’ve chosen worse
Though this isn’t great
We’ll call it destined,
Call it fate
To excuse my poor choosing
To conclude, indeed I’m loosing
Everything I thought I had
Losing, lost, gone
And on and on
And on and on

Faded footprint lines
I read between
Amongst trees fallen
From poor self-esteem
They’ll be kindling
In their dreams
No chairs or tables
To be seen
They dance sadly
To the windy songs
Of on and on
On and on

With a sigh,
I resign
To frosty days
Until I lie
Beneath the yellowed canopy
Of the places I thought
I should be
I breathe until my breath is gone
No on and on,
On and on

Less taken road for a reason
There is no sun
My veins are freezing
Too paths diverged
And I took the one less traveled
Now I’m lost, and so unraveled
I wandered here with sad persistence
And it has made all the difference

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