If You Can

If you can,
Crave with me the murmured voices,
The hidden melancholic melodies in my
Wandering mind
Roaming to the better parts of past times
Better left behind in the fading lines
Of ink-smeared paper and
Singed fingertips.

If you can,
Wrap me in a whimsical embrace
If only to encompass the hollows,
The space left vacant
By seasoned recollection,
Sugar-laced to be sweeter this time around.

If you can,
Graze with me in brown fields
Floating back on cracking radio waves
To a trite, sinless, tepid gaze
Sterilizing the damp, molding mouths
Still muttering their mourning phrases

If you can,
Dissolve my somber, soulful plucking
Of ancient hairs and older strings,
Woeful things, forgotten things,
Low, lusty, dead things
I fertilized and begged to grow

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