11:34 PM


The soft music of
Softer skin
Akin to the feeling of
Being fully whole again.
Shallow kitty-pool breaths
Breathed in the off-beats
Of your breathing.
Releasing the pressure of our chests
We cave in,
Collapsing into the morning.
Far too early to feel anything;
Dawn taps my window
Bringing you back to me
Until day-time breaks down my doors
To take you safely away.

Last night,
Late night
Listless witching hour
Of pagan rituals
Burnt offerings of pride
Doused in gin
Made into sacrificial smoke signals.
I’ll stroke your ego
As you stroke down my back
Making cave-painting scratch marks
On my body.

Carelessly throw your loose morals
To the hazy breeze-
Let them go,
If they don’t come back,
They were never yours anyway.

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