On River Road


Ancient relics on River Road
Unsure of my intentions
Yet, I am here.
Feigning some control.
Or, forgetting
The relic of me,
A broken piece
Left down there
Buried deep somewhere
Off road.
Abandoned during a visit,
Not far past
Not forgotten-
Without ill intents
Failed good thoughts are
Doubtful that I could ever
Leave without leaving myself behind.

The road,
Easy to follow
Without making a decision
Therein is the appeal
For those weary of deciding.
Parked between trees and weighty thoughts
Pounding foot drums
In my ribs
Mind, to follow suit,
Conversing about thoughts,
Desires that seep into my bones.
A flickering reminder of a relationship
Suited to bear
What was too cumbersome
For myself alone.

River Road,
Etched with flowers and flood lines
History that is gone but not undone.
The relics, not well hidden,
Claw their way to a familiar past
Behind my eyes,
Reclaiming their spaces.
Their speed,
Much faster than I can flee,
Or care to flee,
Cause a plea with my mental state,
Questioning my desires and their want.

I wept along this concrete
Found modest answers behind
The steadfast turns and trees.
The worn trail
Can not be donned with pride.
I have not conquered myself
I have hardly defeated that lusty night
That crumbling man I met
On River Road.

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