stop light

Fuzzy green stop light
Hazy through the fog
Of a dusty night.
I’m waiting for it to flicker red
Needing permission to be still.

Forever losing myself to thought
Lost in memories
That may
Or may not be
Loosely based on reality;
Frizzy hair
Mascara river striped down my cheeks
Made up appropriately
For the heavy metal show
Ringing sadly through my body.

Weighted night time
Brimming with
Burdened recollections
Of good times
That were not great times.

It’s not you
– I mumbled.

Though it was.

It’s not me
-I whimpered

Though it was.

Through failed foundations
Of a good shot,
A free trial run
That ran out
The cracks became crevices
We melted ourselves down
And seeped through.

Not “we” anymore.
It’s not you.
It’s not me.
It’s us.

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