crumbling stone wall of an old house with brick masonry

My dear-
Come here
And burn with me
Until our ashes blow
In a creaking breeze
Meant to wave us

I built a tower
Of you
And along the way
I lost how we
Used to speak
And so I babbled
Begging you to
Hear the words
I couldn’t say.

In the dew drops
Of the morning
I’ll leave
Lip prints
For you to smile at
When you are older
But not wiser.

And when you are wiser
I’ll still be
A pagan
A sooth-sayer
The bastard memory
Of a body that wouldn’t be used up
And a mind that wouldn’t sleep.

By brick
We raised ourselves
A building
Of flimsy expectations
Of lowly, lusty nights.
As it crumbles
By piece
We stone ourselves
In the avalanche
That bad construction
And worse foundations
Offer us.

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4 Responses to Babylon

  1. The Bibliophile Diaries says:

    I love this.


  2. samuelhager says:

    Is this your writing?!

    If it is…wow.


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