We Are Raw


We are raw
Because cruel questions
Don’t deserve kind answers.

I’ll cuddle up next to my skeletons
But leave them at home tomorrow night.
They keep me warm
But they make bad party guests.

What should haunt us,
But our hatred?

What should kill us
But the habitual death
To ourselves
For darker days
And later nights?

When I sold my soul to the Devil
I never had it appraised.
I received more than
I wanted;
Less than I needed.
In return.

Sing us a song,
Piano man!
Play us a song
With your bony fingers
And aching heart.
Sing me a song tonight
For my ears are lonely,
And my body, empty.

I broke my hand
And all I can ask
Is why does it hurt
So badly
To heal?

I broke my heart.
It attacked me.

I broke my bones
To reshape myself
Into a person
I could be
Without becoming
So weary.

Sing me a song,
Piano man.
Tonight my companions
Will leave my loneliness aching.
Speak to me,
Sing to me,
And no others.

Let the women come
And let the men go.
Let them talk.

And never

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