Tengo Mucha Hambre


“Tengo mucha hambre.”
My teacher taught me.

“I have much hunger.”

I have hunger,
Much hunger.

I have starvation,
For sunnier days
And later nights.

I crave the full calories
Of laughter and
Smiles from the old ladies
With old men helping them
Into their coats.

I consume enough of life
To live
But not enough to thrive.

I’m living a sugar-packed
Over processed
Sort of life.

The sort that makes for
Emotional obesity.

I’m self-afflicted with
And I can’t devour enough
Cheerio’s to lessen the

I talk myself in circles
Instead of walking those circles
And breaking a breathing sweat.

I have much hunger
For a reality
less fuzzed.

I’m rotting from the inside out
With breaded experience
And fried feelings.

I ache to be
Less overcooked
And underwhelmed.

I have much hunger
For living fiber
and the vitamins of a rough sleep
And the fullness of life
Without the plastic.

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