I’m Not Afraid of Dying

There’s a song on the radio as I drive
To your house.
It has something to do with isolation
And how we use society as a cushion.

Or maybe it’s about finally talking to your crush.
I wasn’t paying attention.

I’m at your house; you’re talking
And I’m listening.
I’m not listening and you aren’t talking, really.

And we prefer it that way,
Because GOD forbid we have something to
Say to one another. There would be words
And emotions
And suddenly instead of being
Monotone together
We’d be flashing lights and fireworks.
We would be drowning, by ourselves, save these ideas
And thoughts in our hearts.

I’m not afraid of dying.
But I am afraid of dying alone with you.

I sit in your house, you talk and I listen.

I sit in your house and we talk.
And we talk.
And I listen.

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